One of my favorite aspects of photography is the opportunity to roam about and observe how people go about their lives. Everyone has a story. Everyone has their own stuff going on. I like to capture moments that make you wonder what’s happening right now, what’s going through a person’s mind as they sit on a bench deep in thought?
The best part is, you'll never know, but you can look for clues. You can think about what you're seeing and develop your own narrative and create your own scenario.


Travel is a gift and a privilege. To me it’s worth more than any physical possession because life is all about experiences, and "stuff" is just..."stuff", it doesn’t last.  
To carry a camera and explore new places and capture what you see is the coolest thing ever! Memories can fade, you move forward, and you have new experiences. But the instant you see an image, it brings you right back to experience.  
The opportunity to share the images that I've captured while wandering this planet is very special to me, and I hope you enjoy what I have to share!








Yeah.... things. Honestly, I couldn’t think of a better way to describe some of the more abstract or unusual images I've captured over the years.
The goal of my art is simple. I like to share images that are pleasing to the eye and fun to look at, or they make you think, or better yet, both.
So, I guess you'll just have to click here and take a look for yourself.




“Photographic images give you the opportunity to stop and look at a single moment in time.
Today we’re bombarded by information, accosted by others vying for
our attention, and pulled off course by the constant distractions of technology.
A single image, a static moment in time is more special than ever before
because it allows you to stop and take a breath. It doesn’t give you the answer, it allows you to dream and create your own story”.
Michael Hubbard



Photography, art and travel are three of my deepest passions. The combination of these three persuits have always been pivotal to helping me stay (somewhat) sane over the years, as I toiled away in the world of enterprise technology sales. While I was successful in my career, I've always known that I was a frustrated creative, stuck in the world that I was never really meant to part of and I would get out as soon as I could. My goal was to change course, use my creative talents and follow my dream of sharing my perspectives on the incredible things I've seen around this beautiful world we live in.

I'm happy to say that time has come! This site, and the images I share with you are just the beginning of me showing you who I really am, and what I've always wanted to do.

I hope you enjoy these images, and I hope that they will bring you enjoyment as you bring them into your home.  


SOUL - If you want to experience soul in its purest form, spend some time with a four-year old. Ask them anything, and you will receive the unvarnished truth. A four-year old will have no issue telling you your teeth are yellow, or your nose is big! Soul is something we tend to repress as we mature in order to get by and conform to the acceptable structures of society. But in that pursuit, there can be great loss: a loss of transparency, honesty and in some cases, people simply lose touch with who they really are.   I don’t think this is something people consciously let go of. Life can wear away at your soul as you navigate the challenges of your journey if you let it. In extreme cases we may call these people “soulless”. Unfortunately, today we seem to see this all too often in society, and I personally find it terrifying.   People with soul can more effectively navigate this life without it changing who they really are.

INSTINCT is a critical survival tool, honed in all living creatures since the beginning of time. Humans are the only animal with the arrogance to ignore these primal intuitions, thinking that surely our intellect and evolutionary status atop the food chain knows better.     People have other names for Instinct. It’s sometimes referred to as -“a gut feeling”-, or -“that little voice in your head”-. Any way we frame it, the common thread is that this instinct is trying to tell us a very basic thing.   What should I do, and how will my actions affect me, and those around me? However you choose to look at it, following our instincts is a skill that requires practice, and it takes real courage to listen to and trust those feelings. To follow our instincts doesn't mean we’ll always be right, but I’ll take the odds on my gut over arrogance any day.   Ignore your primal instincts at your own peril. Listen to your instincts and you can always say you did your best.  

DESIRE is passion! Desire is that drive and motivation that gets you out of bed in the morning. People who have Desire, don't have a job or an obligation, they have a purpose.     Some confuse desire with greed, but to me this is like confusing love with lust. There is a difference. One has depth and emotion, while the other is superficial and empty.     Over the past several years we’ve all lived through some really difficult times which have forced me to think long and hard about the traits I describe above. I must wonder if we all focused on these three qualities, would we find ourselves in a better place?   After much thought, I’ve condensed these three traits into an acronym: SID. So now when I see someone who exhibits these traits I simply say, “That person has SID”.

  Do you have SID?  I don’t know about you, but It's my goal to live my life with as much "SID" as possible and I see sharing my images as a positive step in that direction.